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1:1 Personal Training

Face to face personal training for those needing technique correction / analysis, or that push to train with appropriate intensity, to ensure you are getting the most benefit out of your training.

With over 5+ years experience working alongside physiotherapists, podiatrists and chiropractors, your training is guaranteed to address weaknesses and strengthen weak links.

Train smart, with guidance, and excel in your training!


60 Minute Session

Quality hour sessions with appropriate time management to provide you with the most benefit.

Structured Programs

I assess your level of training and strategically program to suit your needs and goals.

Tracking Progress

Progressive overload is crucial to improving training. I keep track of all weights and use this in future programming.

Technique Review

Receive immediate cues and advice to ensure you are performing movements in the safest way.

Motivational Support

The most beneficial aspect of 1:1. Get on hand motivational support to help you push past your limiting beliefs.

Goal Reviews

Reassessment of goals is crucial to ensure you continue to enjoy your training and further reach your goals

Intensity Assessment

Get the most out of your session and be guided in applying the most beneficial intensity.