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Learn everything you need to launch your product based business in less than 12 hours with our 12-week ELearning Course

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“How do I even get started?” Determining your WHAT and your WHY
I provide guidance and insight to help you determine your what – what your product actually is, the details about your product that make it unique and saleable etc. as well as the ever imperative – your WHY. We’ll discuss the importance of determining your WHY as well as some tips and tricks to help you get crystal clear on exactly what your why is and what that means to you as well as your future customers.


  • Determining your WHAT Worksheet
  • Determining your WHY Worksheet
  • Product Hero Do’s & Don’t


How much knowledge do you have to have to do the e-learning course?

None. Most Product Haus clients, as well as some of the largest most successful brands in the industry today, were started by someone that had absolutely no experience with fashion or experience related to the product they dreamed of creating. You do not need any previous experience, formalised training, or education. All you need is an open mind, open heart, and the desire to learn and grow.

Do I have to have more than just an idea?

Nope! The course is for anyone at any level, at any point in their product journey. The goal of the course is to provide you with enough education to bring your idea to life and help you understand exactly what it will take from you/your team to bring that idea to market as a saleable product.

What is the difference between premium and e-learning?

The ELearning course is a weekly education experience guided by Product Haus. You’re taken step-by-step through the basics of the product creation process, providing you the industry based knowledge and business acumen you need to take your idea from a dream to a reality as quickly and painlessly as possible. 


Our Premium Service gives you exclusive, direct access to experienced executive and Product Haus founder Erin and the Product Haus team to bring your idea to life. Product Haus was created to be a full-service, private label, special make up, product lifecycle management solution. The Premium Service is ideal for those that have already completed the 12-week course and are seeking additional assistance in bringing their product to market and/or have already been successful in selling products of their own but want to take their product business to the next level.

What is the biggest benefit of the course?

The greatest benefit is that you will not only leave the course knowing how to bring your idea to life but you’ll have the knowledge you need to build your product based business. Fashion school does a great job at teaching the basic principles of fashion design as an artform more so than what you really need to learn, know, and master in order to develop and produce market ready products. This course provides you with that knowledge and more.

Can I go at my own pace?

Yes! The beauty of the 12-week course is that while it auto-downloads weekly you can choose to go at your own pace. You are not required to complete the course in 12 weeks. You can take as much time as you need to work your way through it within the time that works best for your schedule.

Can I seek support?

Yes! The course includes (1) free monthly group call for participants to connect virtually. All participants can submit questions for discussion prior to the call that I will review and respond to personally. Additionally, should you have any questions as you work your way through the course you are always welcome and encouraged to email us at

What is your scholarship program all about?

We offer (1) scholarship per quarter, totaling (4) scholarships per year. The scholarship covers the full cost of our 12-week eLearning course making it completely free for each scholarship winner. To be considered for our scholarship program please head on over to our Product Scholars application page on the footer of the site and follow the instructions to submit.

What would make me the perfect fit for this course?

If you are a self-starter, go-getter, self professed lifelong learner, that is excited to grow – this course is for you. If you are dedicated to investing in yourself, your idea, and your future – this course is for you. If you are serious about your idea and the future of your career in creating and growing a product based business – this course is for you.

Do you have flexible payment options?

Yes! We know what it’s like to be a student or working a full-time job AND working a side hustle all while trying to self-educate to get ahead. We offer a pay as you go – (3) monthly instalment payment plan option for our 12-week course.

Do I still pay if I don’t finish the course?

We only provide a 21-day refund window. Meaning – you must have completed the first 3 weeks of the course and provide a valid reason for why completing the remainder of the course is no longer for you. Whether you pay in full upfront or opt in for the payment plan, you will not be refunded for the first 3 weeks of course material. However, you will be provided with a partial refund and/or the remainder of your course subscription will be cancelled. You will not be required to pay for the last (2) monthly payments. If you are seeking a refund and/or cancelation, please email

What if I need or want more help after the course in getting my idea off the ground?

Once you’ve completed the course you will be perfectly prepared to move on to our Premium Service and we would be so happy to bring your vision to life. If you’d like to accelerate Premium Service page to book your Free 30 minute kick off call to get started.




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