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From less than 80cents per day, you can be running your next 10km, Half Marathon, or Full Marathon!

Each program is an 18 week program that incorporates strength training sessions, alongside periodised runs to set you up for your desired goal.

Whether you are fairly new to running or strength training, each program acts as a progression onto the next – so whether this is your first time, or you have an extensive training past, the programs will get you running your first 10km, half marathon or full marathon in 18-36 weeks!

Choose your commencement date based on whether you are wanting a hybrid program to follow (commencement anytime), or finally setting the goal to participate in an event.

Once you make purchase, you will be sent an email with a form to fill out to provide your macro breakdown (allow up to 10 mins and check your spam!)

Below is a further breakdown of what is included in the program and a guide on choosing the right one for you!

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Structured strength sessions crucial for strengthening muscles and joints, which can improve race times and decrease risk of injury.
Periodised runs to build up your endurance and speed at the same time.
Initial calories and macros to support your training.
An in depth guide on pacing your runs, nutrition protocols before runs and a breakdown of the purpose of different sessions.
A guide of activations and recovery tips to ensure you can keep on moving, injury and pain free.

10km Program

For the complete beginner – whether you are new to resistance training, new to running or new to both, this is for you!

This program starts with an easy to follow resistance training phase, paired with runs that build up over time. Over the weeks, you will build strength to help avoid injury when running, and build endurance to tackle longer runs.

There are guides to ensure you are running without tiring too early, and get you onto doing 10km!

Half Marathon

This one is for the more intermediate trainer with some experience in both running and resistance/strength training.

It is recommended to have some resistance/strength training experience to ensure you have the foundations, however this is also programmed to help you progress.

In regards to running, close to none, to some level of experience is acceptable. Put yourself to the challenge and get your next (or first) half marathon in.

Full Marathon

The full marathon program is recommended for those that have experience in both resistance/strength training and running.

If you are a more experienced runner, but fairly newer to resistance/strength training, this is also acceptable as the program works to cater for this!

Want to challenge yourself for a bigger run but need more time? Save money and purchase two programs together to get 36 weeks of programming!

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