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We understand that each individual has a different goal, different lifestyle, and different way of learning / reaching their goals. Hence why we have two different nutrition coaching services.
The difference is simply in how the coaching is delivered. Both include the same credible knowledge and service, however you choose what suits you best!

Online Nutrition Coaching

A subscription based service with weekly Loom video check ins / feedback, and the opportunity to book in a brief call to discuss the check in. Ongoing amendments, education and changes are made each week to keep you on track and ensure these updates are feasible within your lifestyle, and help you reach your goal. Your coach will answer any questions and provide support and strategies for any events / barriers that arise along the way.

This is more suited to the self sufficient individual who can navigate online check ins, while still having the opportunity to have a brief real time update.

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Nutrition Consultations

An appointment based service conducted over zoom or face to face, that involves an initial consultation that deeply unpacks your background knowledge, medical and diet history, current dietary habits, and goals. This information will be used to create a detailed once off nutrition plan, tailored to your specific goals, needs and lifestyle, which will be sent to you via email following the consult.

Follow up consultations are conducted depending on the individual needs and goals, where further amendments, strategies and changes are discussed if needed.

This is suited to the individual who requires slightly more of an intimate experience and prefers real time engagement and conversation.

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Unsure which is best for you?
Book in a free discovery call to discuss your options and let us help determine which works best, depending on your way of learning and lifestyle.