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Essentially nutrition coaching, however a more intimate experience. Your initial consultation will ensure you are equipped with a plan of action to follow, and follow up consultations are based on the urgency and necessity of your needs and knowledge.

Reduce those feelings of overwhelm and be supported and guided to success, no matter the goal!


Whether your goal is weight/fat loss, sport performance for an upcoming event or everyday training, muscle gain, or you just want to audit your current nutrition, a consultation will benefit you. Together we assess and audit your current nutrition habits and collectively implement strategies and a plan of action, that fits within your lifestyle, to get you to your goal.

Nutrition Guidance 

Receive nutritional support in a way that works for you and your lifestyle. During consultations, we discuss any barriers that may prevent you reaching your goal and create a detailed plan of action.

An Abundance of Education

Education and understanding why we do things is crucial to help you understand why decisions are made. Without knowledge, we fail to create habits. Consultations improve your knowledge so you can better implement the strategies and plans we discuss.

Mindset Modules

A positive mind is key to having motivation and consistency. When you book in any consultation, you will receive weekly emails of mindset modules to improve overall motivation and momentum.

In App Habits and Progress Tracking

Keep all your progress in one place with an app that creates ease and simplicity throughout your journey. Receive access to our app when you book in a subsequent consultation.

Check ins and Assessment 

I liaise with industry leaders in their respective fields, to provide support and updates to ensure you are continuously heading in the right direction. Prior to any subsequent consultation, I will assess a reflection since the last time we spoke to ensure I have the right tools to further improve your habits.