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Running Activations

Use these activations prior to your runs. You may find some more beneficial than others, however the idea is to get your glutes and core active.

Heel Walks + Toe Walks

10m walk on heels with toes up, then turn around and walk back on toes without heels touching the floor. This activates the calf muscles and the tibialis anterior muscle.

Walking Knee Hug

Holding shin at chest and walking 10 steps each leg.

Hip Opener

Bring leg up, out, and around, then in reverse, 10 each side

Single Leg Glute Bridge

Lying on back with one foot on the floor and the other in the air. Raise your hips to the roof (ensure you keep your ribs and core tucked). Complete 10-12 on each side.

Dead Bugs

Lying on back with legs in a table top position (aim for shoulder blades off the floor). Lengthen one heel to the floor at a time keeping core on. Complete 10 per side.

Walking Lunges

Aim to stretch hip flexor at the same time, 10 steps each side.

Floor Sweeps

One leg slightly forward and sweep hands either side of forward foot (stretching through the hamstring). Complete 10 each side.

Post Run Release

Post running, your hip flexors may be tight and legs a little sore. These release exercises will help reduce muscle tightness.

Foam Roll of Thoracic

Roll out each sector of the thoracic to avoid upper back tightness.

Foam Roll of Legs

Aim to roll out your quads and hamstrings. Do one side at a time. Aim for control rather than speed to ensure a stronger release.

Couch Stretch

Pop one toe up on chair/bench with your quad 90* to the bench (or holding foot as demonstrated). This will stretch your entire quad. Aim to slightly lean back to target the entire hip flexor (which inserts at the hip bone).

IT Band Release

If you find you are getting some knee pain that is shooting town your shin, it may be due to a tight IT Band. Use a ball against a wall or on the floor to apply your body weight to release. We recommend 30-60seconds.